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freestyle for adults

Ski or Snowboard

Texte d'introduction
Try freestyling out! 
This discipline brings together gliding and acrobatics (along with adrenaline). You will perform increasingly technical aerial acrobatics. Whether it is skiing or snowboarding, a qualified instructor of ESF Valloire will push you to reveal your talents in aerobatics on the Crey du Quart snow park! 

  • On the programme: initiation to moguls and other different modules.
  • Level required: Class 3 (corresponds to Freestyler level) 
  • Ski pass required: Valloire-Valmeinier 
  • We recommend you wear: helmet, back protection and wrist guilds 
  • Departure Centre Station only

To guarantee the lesson will take place, we need a minimum of 8 enrolled students

timetable for FREESTYLE training
From Sunday to Friday - During school holidays only
Centre station only
christmas and new year holidaysfebruary and easter holidays 
afternoon2:15pm - 4:45pm2:30pm - 5pm
For complete beginners in ski or snowboard freestyle, introductory lessons are available from 5:15pm in the evening, during the whole season, from Sunday to Friday. 
Whole season
snow front - discovery lesson
1 Hour for 1 or 2 people coming together - whole season
eveningfrom 5:15pm
From 157
FREESTYLE training
From Class 3 level or 3ème Etoile level, this training takes place during school holidays only. Inside the Snow Park, you will learn how to make aerial acrobatics with a qualified instructor. 
prices for FREESTYLE training
Lessons from Sunday to Friday
LessonsDurationschool holidaysoff-peak
6 afternoons2h30157 €-
prices for INtroductory FREESTYLE lesson
Sunday to Friday from 5:15pm
LessonDurationwhole season 
1 lesson*1h48 €
51 € in february
*for complete beginners only

Students enrolled in lessons do not have insurance. Don't forget about Carré-Neige insurance! You will be able to subscribe when booking.

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  • Rue de la Setaz - 73450 Valloire
  • Tel : +33 (0)4 79 59 00 73